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We are a family owned and operated business. We deal in Native style jewelry, Native sculpture and other cool art. All of our art is Handcrafted. Joe has been making Navajo style Sterling Silver jewerly since the late 80's when he started developing his art. His signature pieces are bugs, which is where we got the name Eby Geebies!

Gina is Cherokee, enrolled in her tribe and has been an artist since she was small. She has lately been sculpting more than anything but she also sews, knits, paints, draws, sings, and dances.

The boys (Alan and James) have grown up amidst all of our art and so have pitched in here and there. We have a lot of really cool stuff that we have come up with over the years, we hope you all enjoy it as much as we do.


Gina's story

Gina Eby is 1/2 Cherokee and 100% American.  She has been an artist all of her life. She loves to create things. Her husband Joe, is the silversmith, he makes the amazing southwestern styled jewelry, the rest of the art is hers.

Gina went to college and majored in Engineering with Art as her minor. If she were to brag she would tell you that she did not have to take her Art final because the instructor gave her a triple "A" on one of the projects and the "A" also counted for the final grade.

To this day Gina works in fields that include the things she learned in her short college career. She still has a passion for both subjects and finds ways to use Engineering in Art and Art in the technical parts of her job.


Joe's story

Joe Eby is an Anglo silversmith whos work is reminiscent of the Navajo Jewelery being made about 100 years ago. His training started in a highschool class in Gallup, NM. As the years went on Joe worked in the Jewelery supply business which allowed him to meet many native silversmiths and exchange ideas and methods of smithing. 

In the spring of 2015 the Eby's made a big move literally and geographically to the Texas Hill Country where they made Jewelry their full time jobs. The Ebygeebies hallmark is a spider with an "E" in the abdomen, this stamp identifies their jewelry, and can be found somewhere on most every piece. 

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