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This is Gina and this is my page.


I picked up sculpting several years ago and took my time working on different aspects of the art. I would enter sculptures, of mostly Navajo Grandpas (Respected older man in Navajo is Cheii', pronounced chay) in the state fair and sell them to friends and family. A good friend talked me into entering a Native American juried show in Santa Fe and I was accepted and won a blue ribbon. I then entered a similar juried show in Phoenix and was accepted there as well. I have several ribbons and pictures of sold pieces that are special to me, and pictures of pieces that are for sale as well.

I can't wait to get back in my studio and make new and exciting projects to post here!


Please contact me for prices and availability for any of the pieces shown on this page, thanks!

Sculpture and Other Art

Cyber Dancer, is made from many parts of a circuit board. He is dancing on a hoverboard also made from a circuit board. 


Test Drive

A great piece. Made with mother board film, an antique pully and some watch parts. Contact Gina for availability. 

The Frog Prince is a fun piece that I have had enjoyed making. The one pictured was sold but I have several tea cups ready for new frogs. 

Grandpa Sold but is a very special piece to me, and I just had to let you see some of my best work! I made every detail myself. If you are interested in a piece like this please contact me! All of my sculptures are one of a kind, no two will ever be exactly alike.


Stained Glass Sky 22x28 contact Gina for availability.

Snail Mail. Sculpted snail in antique Post Office Door. Very old mail inside box.


This curious crow is a striking pink that insists on your attention. Currently the original is available.


Purple Haze 18x24 contact Gina for availability


Golden Earrings  approx. 30x36 contact Gina for availability 

18x24 Acrylic on Gallery wrapped Canvas "Bee Focus"  

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