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These are from our photo shoot in February 2019. 

Meet Haley Frey, a strong, smart and beautiful young woman from Illinois who now makes San Marcos, TX home. She is an avid outdoor explorer and also runs an an outdoor adventure business of her own along with running some of the youth outdoor programs for the city of Austin.

This shoot was done at a friends house on Canyon Lake here in the Texas Hill Country. We also got to raid a local boutique to borrow clothes and accessories.

This gallery is from our photo shoot in May 2019.

We got a lot of rain the days before the shoot, and more after so we got lucky. We explored Marion, TX and the Cibolo area.  On our way to lunch at the famous Harmon's BBQ in old downtown Cibolo we spotted a beautiful cemetery. The varied locations gave us a lot of options, lighting, background and just cool stuff. 

The next shoot will probably be a group shoot, adding in some other models, and hopefully featuring other small businesses in the area.  

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